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4 Tips for No Stress Camping

4 tips for no stress camping
20 Jun

4 Tips for No Stress Camping

Planning your vacation can be fun, especially when you are traveling somewhere which allows you to unplug, relax, be at one with nature, and really unwind. You can imagine yourself on a hike at Zion, making your way through the trees and reaching vantage points that take your breath away. But those moments can often become the highlights of the trip and not necessarily the majority of what you experience over the course of your vacation, but there are ways to plan a no-stress camping trip.

If you take some steps to plan ahead and reduce some of the unnecessary stressors that could throw you for a loop along the way, chances are you can become better and better about reducing that stress and enjoy your time camping or on the road a bit more each time. At WillowWind RV Park, we allow campers and RV enthusiasts to stay with us and enjoy some of the comforts of home. By staying at WillowWind, you can reduce the need to plan for things like clean clothes or showers – both laundry and shower facilities are accessible on site for our guests. Learn six ways you can reduce some of the most commons stressors people experience on their camping or road trip.

convenient location for camping
Convenience in Location

If you are heading out on a short trip, usually you wouldn’t require quite as much in the way of supplies. You’ll need less clothing, less food, and overall, less stuff to get in the way or to pack and unpack. For these shorter excursions, it is easy to find a place fairly close to home that makes it less stressful overall. Having that peace of mind that home is only a few hours away can ease some of the burden some people find which leads to over-preparation.

However, it is possible to stay somewhere for lengthy periods of time without feeling like you are going without some of the essentials that make you comfortable. Of course with an RV, you have some extra space to bring along supplies for cooking, plenty of linens and clothing, as well as activities.

Camping on the other hand, usually requires some selectivity in deciding what supplies you will need during your stay. If you choose a location to camp that either has ample places to stop along the way for supplies or would allow you to venture away from the campsite to stock up at any point during your trip, it can really reduce the stress involved with packing. If you forgot something like batteries, its a short trip to the store nearby to pick some up, then you’re back in business. WillowWind is walking distance from many modern conveniences – which makes it the perfect place for a stress-free spot to stay while adventuring in Zion or Bryce Canyon.

Skip the Extreme Sports

If you are short on space, one way to reduce your stress is the preparation of your gear for different types of adventures. If you had planned on taking along your canoe and all the supplies that go along with it – i.e. lifejackets, net, paddles, bathing suit, helmet, etc. – find somewhere you can either rent the supplies for a day or join in on someone else’s adventure. Another option would be to forego the water sports on that particular trip and stick with a gear-less hike through nature or simply go for a swim in the lakes instead.

Constants are Key

Many people travel in their day-to-day life without any additional supplies for emergency assistance, like a first aid kit or car kit. If you simply put these items in your trunk and keep them there at all times, you are likely to have added peace of mind not only out on the road during a trip or vacation, but throughout your daily life as well. It also enables you to skip another step in the planning and packing process for your trip as you won’t need to add any first aid items to your pack.

car charger on road trips with WillowWind

Other important things to remember are ways to help you recharge. Make sure to stow a phone charger in your glove compartment at all times to ensure it is fully charged during your journey. Another smart idea for longer journeys or if you are planning to go on a longer hike during your trip, is to invest in an extra battery for your devices – something small and lightweight that can easily be tossed into your pack.

Share the Duties

If you have a larger family you’re planning the vacation for or if you are going with friends, share a little in the burdens of packing. If you can collectively decide on the necessary supplies (as long as your friends or family are reliable) you can delegate tasks and items to individuals to be shared upon arrival. If you are planning on bringing the large tent but don’t expect to have enough space for all the linens for bedding, ask each person joining you to bring a few blankets and pillows to reduce some of the load you will need to pack. You can even have the kids help you with packing by giving them a short list of needed items, like towels, water bottles, hats, etc.

tipi camping at WillowWind RV Park

Another way to share the duties is to find a campsite or park which offers some of the amenities you will need during your stay. For instance, WillowWind RV Park offers teepees for camping, allowing you to skip packing the tent, poles, stakes, rope, rainfly, and tarps. Just focus on making the sleeping space as cozy as you like it!


Join us at WillowWind RV Park this summer for a perfect home-base near Zion National Park. With so many amenities on site or nearby, you can arrive with ease for your vacation and keep your stay stress-free! Contact us soon to make your reservations for the upcoming months and ensure you have your place ahead of time to keep that no-stress vibe strong.