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The Latest from WillowWind RV Park

17 May

The Latest at WillowWind RV Park

WillowWind RV Park is no stranger to hosting events or fun social gatherings for our guests to have the opportunity to get to know each other and explore a little bit more of our facilities and what we have to offer at our park. As always, we post updates and photos to our Facebook page so we can share some of the fun with those out there following us on social media or for people looking to gain a glimpse into what it is like to stay here at WillowWind.

Snowbird Season Farewells

Each year we receive some of the greatest guests at our park, some of them seasonal, so we take pride in getting to know them and wishing them a fond farewell when they depart from staying with us. Snowbird season is the time of the year when some of our guests come to stay with us for a longer duration – most of the fall and winter months into early spring. This last season we had wonderful snowbirds stay with us at the park, and we wanted to wish them well for their future time on the road, or back to wherever they call home. We hosted a BBQ cookout that definitely drew a crowd. Folks were lined up down the side of the clubhouse into the road for one of plates fresh off the grill and we all gathered together in the clubhouse to eat together and appreciate each other’s company. It was such a great turnout – and no one left hungry!

Hot Dogs & Horseshoes

In April, we hosted one of our favorite gatherings to get people outside and mingling – Hot Dogs & Horseshoes. For only $1 per person, WillowWind park guests could make their way to the grill for a tasty frank, then migrate to the horseshoe pits and try their hand at scoring a ringer. It was a great time for all, WillowWind staff included.

New (and Old) Varieties of Equipment

Often we have guests which have very unique or interesting pastimes. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a few of our guests who have an affinity with old-fashioned type bicycles (the first contraption to be called a bicycle in fact, named a penny-farthing), historic cars, and even have some experience with hot air balloons.

willowwind rv park penny farthing

willowwind rv park classic vehicle

While some opt for the old fashioned equipment for their pastimes, others go newfangled, with their focus on exploring the great outdoors. The beautiful weather in Hurricane, UT in the spring brings opportunity for anyone who is a jeep enthusiast to gather together outdoors and share their awesome gear and enhancements to their vehicles. Check out some of the recent guest’s rock climbers they planned to take out to the wilderness, just a short trip from the WillowWind grounds.

willowwind rv park rock crawler

A few of our other guests brought along their equipment for training as cyclists to take advantage of the surrounding nature and beautiful trails to ride. Many of the guests who stay with us at WillowWind use the park as their home base while exploring, adventuring, or taking part in outside activities because our location is only a short distance drive from many desirable destinations like Zion National Park.

willowwind rv park cyclists

Home Base for Zion

WillowWind also has some go-to advice for planning your trip to Zion National Park and how you can use our park as your home base as well. If you are planning to make a trip to the majestic Utah park, you can learn a little bit about its formation as well as some of the most helpful tips to make sure your trip and stay are seamless and enjoyable. Zion is only about 24 miles from WillowWind RV Park, making it a perfect distance for an easy day trip or day hike to get in some exercise during your vacation.

zion national park

Active RV Life

Another way to stay active during your trips is to explore some of the different ways of exercising in your RV or while you are on the road. WillowWind has a dedicated fitness facility to aid travelers in their self-care and keep health-conscious while traveling. We also have some great information about different small routines or tools you can use in your RV, at the park, or in nature to get yourself moving and assist you in staying in shape. Keep up with our blog to learn about some of our travel tips, learn more about what the park has to offer, some of the surrounding destinations and what to do during your stay, as well as helpful advice like ways to save money while planning or making travel plans or keep yourself active while on the road.

yoga at sunset

Ice Cream Social

Our most recent event was a fun Ice Cream Social in the WillowWind clubhouse to allow our guests to come and meet one another while cooling off with a sweet treat. We had a great turnout for the event and will continue to host similar gatherings to keep that feeling of community strong at WillowWind RV Park.

willowwind rv park ice cream social willowwind rv park ice cream social

We’ve got lots in store for the remainder of the year at WillowWind, so be sure to call or contact us online to make your reservations for this summer or the fall and get ahead of the game! Spaces do tend to fill up quickly, so take our advice and plan ahead for your trip to Zion or Bryce Canyon this year. In the meantime, we will continue to grow with our guests and look forward to meeting all the new faces this year. Check us out and follow us on Facebook to see the upcoming events unfold and let us know if you have any questions while prepping for your trip. Join us this summer and see our fresh desert blooms on the grounds! We hope to see you in Hurricane soon!

willowwind rv park cactus