Looking Back on Last Year at WillowWind RV Park - WillowWind RV Park

Looking Back on Last Year at WillowWind RV Park

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15 Feb

Looking Back on Last Year at WillowWind RV Park

WillowWind in Southern Utah has enjoyed all the guests who have visited the RV Park during the last year. We aim to provide all of our prospective guests and those interested in RV camping or tent camping with some great resource to aid them during their travels and even provide some recommendations of our own. You can follow these resources on our Facebook page and blog to stay up to date with the latest during this upcoming year.  

Here are some of the highlights from last year’s resources:

night sky stars in the desert


Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to identify the stars above you while out on a camping trip? Sometimes when you venture out into the wilderness of a National Park like Zion or stay somewhere camped in a tent you can see the stars very well, and they can provide a beautiful spectacle to entertain you. At WillowWind you can spot some of the favorite and easy to find clusters like the Big and Little Dippers, or perhaps one of the space stations passing overhead.

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Typically trips out on the open road for an RV trip or camping provide a much needed reprise from the hustle of the city and your daily routine. But sometimes planning can cause stress before your trip and lack of planning can create unwanted issues for the duration. One idea is to get used to what you need by taking a short trip (or the first few trips) at a location that is near enough to home or near a city where you can find most anything you’ll need. Camping in Hurricane, UT allows you to get out of your normal routine while not being more than a few steps away from the things you might need if you find yourself missing something important.

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solar charger camping zion road trip


When you are on the road, it’s the little things that can make the difference. There are a few key items to take with you when camping in your RV or a tent that can make the whole experience much more luxurious or enjoyable. Consider checking out a product like JetBoil to make heating up water quick and easy with minimal cleanup. Another favorite item to always keep on hand when venturing into the wilderness on a hike or camping is an emergency blanket. Check out a few more picks for WillowWind’s favorite items to take on your camping or road trip and the best ways to use them.

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Throughout the year, WillowWind RV Park hosts many different types of events for our guests to get the community of people staying at the park together and offer some additional fun for everyone. Last year at WillowWind, we hosted some seasonal events for some of our seasonal guests (like Snowbirds) with BBQs, Ice Cream Socials, Hot Dogs & Horseshoes, and much more. Many of our guests are cycling enthusiasts, classic vehicle enthusiasts, and other interest that truly vary.

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WillowWind RV Park is proud to be located in Hurricane, UT and was lucky enough to be recognized as Business of the Month by the Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce last July. Our team is happy to provide facilities that offer some comfort of home when many of our guests make their way out to the trails and hiking areas nearby in Southern Utah – having the home base and creature comforts along with it become prized. Make sure to check out the local pronunciation of the name of the place you visit before visiting with people in the area or you may receive a friendly correction!

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Southern Utah boasts a fairly temperate climate most of the year, but sometimes the summers can be a bit on the hotter side. You might experience temperatures around 90 to 100 degrees in the heat of the summer, so if you are planning a visit during this time of year, make sure to plan ahead! Many nearby attractions will offer respite from high temperatures, like a visit to Sand Hollow State Park where you can enjoy taking a boat out on the water and soaking up the spectacular views of the red stone that surrounds. The immediate town amenities are also at your disposal, and a swim at the local recreational center can definitely help you cool off quickly.

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pet friendly rv parks


One much loved perk about camping, whether in an RV or tent camping, is taking the pets along with you for a vacation away from home. It is important however, to make sure you do your due diligence and prep yourself in the right ways before embarking on your trip. One major consideration is to ensure the location you plan to sleep allows pets to begin with – then their rules that might accompany a stay.

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As one of the best and most cost effective places to stay during your exploration of Zion, WillowWind serves as the perfect home base location when visiting the National Park. If you plan on making your trip more extensive than the normal and routed trails in the park, you might be the right candidate to explore the backcountry of Zion National Park. Remember that this is a bit different than the normal park entry, so a special permit is required in order to do this type of exploring.

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With so many natural attractions nearby, WillowWind RV Park is the perfect place to stay while planning some outdoor adventures. Many of the folks who stay at our park enjoy hiking, cycling, and four-wheeling nearby Hurricane, and have access to some of the amenities of home during their stay with us. Catch more great resources for traveling in the area by following us on Facebook and our blog. Make sure to contact us to get your reservations booked for this year!