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RV Travel, Camping, & Pets in Southern Utah

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26 Nov

RV Travel, Camping, & Pets in Southern Utah

If you travel often and you have furry companions at home, it is always hard to leave your best friend at home. When camping or traveling in an RV, the best part is that you can usually bring along your pup! Although it can be simple, there are many considerations to factor in when making travel plans. It is important to do your research to make sure your destination is pet-friendly, as well as what pet amenities might be available to you during your stay. Some RV Parks and campgrounds, like WillowWind RV Park, offer some special amenities for pets like a wash station, so your dog can stay clean after accompanying you on a long hike!

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Learn more about some of the things to consider when planning a camping or RV trip with your dog:


All of the Necessities

Just like you have creature comforts of your own like your favorite pillow, blankets, coffee, etc. your dog enjoys some of the regular aspects of their home life on the road as well. If they have a favorite blanket or toy, it is always smart to bring that along with you. Depending on your situation, if you have space to allow for you to bring their bed along, they are usually easy to pack up and store.

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Another necessity that is very important for longer distances is to make sure that you take plenty of breaks on your trip to ensure your dog is able to move around and stretch their legs. Just like you can get cramped up in the car after a few hours, your pup will appreciate the opportunity to run around a bit during the trek.


Etiquette of Camping with Pets

There are some campers who would suggest that pets should not camp. Some animals do experience high levels of stress when they leave their home environment, so that is definitely something to consider if your pet is highly anxious. If they do well in unfamiliar environments, however, camping with your pet can be great and they might love the experience just as you do.

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It is important to consider the etiquette of the location you are staying and to be respectful of the other campers there without pets. Make sure that your dog is on a leash when you are walking around the park and don’t let your pet roam free. Try to be very conscious of the other campers around you just like you do at home – don’t allow your dog to bark or cause a lot of noise or do other things that disturb the people around you.

Another important thing to mention is to be aware of the rules and laws in the places you visit – some National Parks or sights to see do not allow dogs or animals in the area due to the potential interaction with wildlife. If that is the case and your pet is in tow, don’t leave your dog unattended in your car. Do some research before planning your trip and make sure there are no restrictions for dogs in your desired activities.


Planning for Taking Your Pets Along

Part of going on a camping trip or RV adventure with your dog is planning for the activities away from your camp. Just as you pack your bag for a hike with some necessities like snacks and water, some emergency items like first aid supplies, and something to keep you warm, you’ll need to do the same for your dog. Make sure you have a drinking receptacle as well, like a collapsible bowl. Consider the terrain you’ll encounter during your activities – will there be any climbing involved? If so, you might need a chest harness for your dog with a strap across the top to make it easy to help lift them up steep spot. It helps to do your research in this area as well to make sure you know what you’re in for during a hike.


Staying at Pet Friendly Parks

When you choose a pet-friendly RV Park, it can help make things much easier for you to experience nature and have an adventure with your pup. At WillowWind RV Park, we feature a dog wash station so you and your campsite can stay as clean as possible after a long day out on the trails. In addition to the pet-friendly atmosphere, your pup can enjoy the dog run near the fitness center where you can stay active as well. Nearby walks and trails are perfect to explore and enjoy the outdoors together, and there are plenty to choose from – many of which are in Zion National Park, like Canyon Overlook Trail or Babylon Arches Trail. Staying at a pet-friendly park also might allow your dog to socialize with other dogs out on walks through the park. Make sure to check with the RV park you plan on visiting to see if there are any restrictions on dog breeds.

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Incorporating Activities for Them

Always make sure that you are incorporating activities and parts of your pet’s normal routine. If they are used to having a long walk in the morning and evening, make sure the difference in scenery doesn’t change their schedule. It should be as close to the same as you can while you’re at your campsite – same with feeding times and exercise. While you’re planning your activities, think about different things that you pet might enjoy – you might look for an open field that would allow your dog to run or play fetch. Consider the difficulty of any trails you plan to hike just to make sure it will work for everyone – including the furry ones.

Ready to head out this fall or winter with your favorite road dog? Plan your stay with us at WillowWind RV Park and enjoy a friendly atmosphere for your dog or cat. Our location is perfect to see the beauty of Zion National Park and surrounding attractions like Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. We’re located in a convenient location to serve as your home base as you explore some of what Southern Utah has to offer. Contact us today to receive information or to inquire about a reservation.

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