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How to Stay Cool in the Summer in Hurricane, UT

How to Stay Cool in the Summer in Hurricane, UT
22 Aug

How to Stay Cool in the Summer in Hurricane, UT

Summer should be full of adventures, and making a trip into nature is always a good idea. In the Southern Utah area, summertime temperatures can definitely heat up! High temperatures in Hurricane, UT can reach the high 90s and approach 100 degrees, so it is smart to plan for this kind of weather before you leave home. Enjoy your time in Hurricane by planning ahead for the weather, use strategies of timing for outdoor activities, and utilize some of the area’s entertainment to help you cool off and relax, making the most of your summer trip. Here are a few of WillowWind’s top picks of ways to stay cool during your summer stay at WillowWind RV Park:

Sand Hollow State Park

Mostly comprised of BLM land, Sand Hollow State Park is an expanse of 20,000 acres. This is Utah’s newest state park and only 8 miles from WillowWind. The best part about this park is that there is so much to do, you can ride horses, ride through the dunes on off road vehicles, as well as boating or different activities in the water all surrounded by the rich red sand that makes this destination such a spectacle.

If you’re planning to visit the dunes or hike around Sand Hollow State Park without visiting any bodies of water, you may want to keep your time at the park to the earlier hours of the day. The sun can be quite intense in Southern Utah, but the mornings can provide respite from the brightness with a cooler temperature. Through the month of September, the park opens at 6AM, so make sure to get up early for a quick breakfast at the RV Park before heading out to Sand Hollow for a day of fun!

quail creek reservoir

Quail Creek State Park

Another popular Utah state park is Quail Creek Reservoir. The water in this reservoir is actually a very popular attraction for visitors in the winter because of the warm water and mild winter climate. In the summer, visitors of Quail Creek can launch their boat and take advantage of the fishing opportunities in the area – catch rainbow trout, crappie, largemouth bass and more.

An interesting fact about Quail Creek State Park is that Quail Creek itself is not the main water source for the reservoir and in fact, the Virgin River is what provides the main supply of water for Quail Creek Reservoir. You can visit this park starting at 7AM – year round.

Coral Cinema 8 Utah

Coral Cliffs Cinema 8

You might go out into nature in the morning at one of Utah’s intensely beautiful state parks, and afterward head back into the town of Hurricane to replenish and relax for the latter part of the day. A great way to cool off from the summer heat and simply relax for a couple of hours is to head to the movies.

Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 is only half a mile from WillowWind RV Park, so it is an easy destination to get to on a whim. The cinema is locally owned and operated and are completely devoted to making their theater offer the best experience possible for their patrons. They’ve got recliners for that VIP experience, dinner with your movie, and only the best popcorn for your movie.

zion outlet mall

Zion Outlet Mall

If you need a way to use up the time but don’t want to spend it outdoors in the sun, shopping is always a great alternative to stay indoors and explore. A popular option near WillowWind RV Park is The Shoppes at Zion – Zion’s outlet mall. These shops are only a quick 20 minute drive from the RV Park and feature plenty of options for fashion and apparel stores as well as some wonderfully unique specialty stores and gift shops. Some snacks and food options are also available at the outlet mall, like Starbucks and Smashburger, but they also have a Capriotti’s for an especially delicious sandwich for lunch.

Get the latest coupons for lots of the stores featured at The Shoppes at Zion and save a little during your shopping excursion!

hurricane recreational pool

Hurricane Recreation Pool

At The Hurricane City Leisure & Recreation Center you can plan for a swim not far from camp! This rec center is only 1.3 miles away from WillowWind RV Park, so it is a convenient place to cool down after a day of hiking or exploring the nature of Southern Utah. Lap swim is available from 8:30AM – 10:30AM on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Open swim is available on Fridays  3:30 – 7PM and Saturdays from noon – 7PM. You can check their schedule online for different classes you can attend like Water Aerobics or a Water Knockout class to stay cool and still get your daily fitness needs checked off the list in a fun way.

dinosaur museum utah

Dinosaur Museum

Another attraction not to miss during your stay in Hurricane, UT is the Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farms. This expanse of thousands of fossils is only 22 minutes from WillowWind on the I-15, so it is perfect for a quick day trip to see something you probably have never seen before. You can see tracks from roaming dinosaurs embedded in sandstone, preserving the print of the specimen. They also have replicas of different species for you to observe as well as plenty of other educational activities and explorative events that you can attend.

trees at WillowWind RV Park

Cool Down at the RV Park

If you’re staying with us at WillowWind RV Park, you’ll find plenty of ways to cool down or stay cool this summer. If the heat prevents you from heading outdoors, you can head to our air conditioned gym to get in your daily exercises. Our clubhouse is ready for you to come with friends and enjoy playing board games, cards or a game of pool. The property has beautiful mature trees which provide a lot of shade on hot summer days, helping to keep you feeling a little cooler in the heat of the afternoon.

Overall, Hurricane, UT is a great destination to serve as home base for your adventure. There are so many things to do nearby no matter what the weather looks like. With so many fun ways to beat the heat in the summer months, WillowWind RV Park can give you the place to stay while you explore what Southern Utah has to offer. Contact us before heading our way to make your reservations and ensure we can accommodate you on your trip.


What’s your favorite way to stay out of the heat of the summer months?