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WillowWind’s Go-To Gear for Road Trips

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19 Sep

WillowWind’s Go-To Gear for Road Trips

While you’re traveling on the road on a long trip to your destination, whether you are driving an RV or camping, there are some supplies you know you need to have on hand, like a pan for cooking and your sleeping necessities. But there are some other supplies which you may not have thought about trying out or don’t know how much of a benefit they can be at times. We’re sharing our favorite gear for road trips, whether you are staying somewhere like WillowWind RV Park or camping, these picks really help make things even more enjoyable:


Portable Solar Charger

If you’re staying in an RV, this doesn’t apply to you as much – unless you plan on using a lot of different devices or don’t want to worry about something accidentally staying plugged in and draining your power. A portable solar charger is especially handy to have around while you are camping in a tent (or tipi). Basically, it charges a battery using a small solar panel, and you can plug your phone right into that to transfer that power into the phone or device. You just have to set the solar panel outside during the day to make sure you have enough charge to power what you need.

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Another idea for power transfer if you are camping is a power source you can plug into your car’s lighter – they make some that have the ability to plug in two or three prong plugs as well.



A really handy item to have with you when you are in an RV or camping is a JetBoil water system. It’s a small chamber of fuel attached to a starter to spark a small flame. It’s easy to use and is perfect for heating up some water in a hurry. It makes it possible to cook all different types of meals in them as well – and they are extremely compact, lightweight, and affordable.


French Press

Coffee is important in the morning for many, many people. Sometimes when you go camping or on a trip in your RV, if you aren’t using a traditional coffee maker, your options can be a little uninspiring. Most people opt with instant coffee mixes or cold brew, but there is something about having your favorite coffee hot and fresh at your campsite that just feels good. Consider getting yourself a portable french press to take along with you – all you need to bring is your favorite ground coffee or espresso. Using a stove or JetBoil, you just add your hot water and let it rest until you are ready for a cup! REI makes a solid, sturdy, easy to clean french press that works great out on the road or at a campsite.

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Emergency Blankets

Sometimes weather can be a little unpredictable, and if you have arrived at your campsite and experience inclement weather, you may not have been fully packed for it. Keeping yourself warm is very important during rain or in cold environments, and the simplest way to always be prepared for cold is to keep some emergency blankets on hand. They are inexpensive, small, and actually do their job well. They could come in handy if you have to venture out in the weather, are caught in the middle of it during a hike, or if you accidentally fall into water (or purposely take a dip) during an adventure.

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If you’re camping somewhere that does experience unexpected rain or inclement weather there are some other considerations to keep in mind to do what you can to keep things tidy. It is always a good idea to have a broom and dustpan available – even for your tent. Even if it appears to be sunny, it’s a good idea to put up your tent’s rain fly just to be safe. It could provide a little shade if nothing else, but it might be a lifesaver if a storm hit unexpectedly.


Camp Sink

A really useful tool when you are camping is a way to clean your cups and any of the dishes you have created since you arrived. A camp sink is a very compact circle that bellows out into a wide-bottomed bag. It makes it easy to add some water and get things clean for reuse. It conserves water and is an easy item to pack since it becomes so small and lightweight.


Storage Bins or Boxes

Packing your supplies and loading or unloading things at your campsite can be made much easier with some simple organization beforehand. Consider finding some stackable storage boxes with lids that you like. These can be used to house your dry goods, cooking and kitchen supplies, or your extra fuel and tools. It can save space and keep things organized and protected from any environmental adjustments as well. If you unpack them completely, they are easy to stack up and store in your RV or vehicle until departure, but keeping things inside the boxes certainly can make it easier when it’s time to head out.


Do you have any go-to gear that you won’t take a road trip without? Tell us about those must-haves on your list. Find us on Facebook to learn more about camping or taking an RV trip to WillowWind RV Park in Hurricane, UT. Our location is perfect for anyone traveling to Zion National Park or any of the other spectacular sights to see in the area. Our RV Park also has campsites as well as tipis you can stay in during your trip. Visit the clubhouse during your time with us for games, pool, and a full kitchen. We also offer on-site laundry and are dog-friendly! Make sure to inquire about reservations through our website or phone at (435) 635-4154 and we hope to meet you soon in Hurricane!


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