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Zion Backcountry Exploring

exploring zion national park backcountry
3 Aug

Zion Backcountry Exploring

An expansive, gorgeous display of nature, Zion National Park is a popular destination for campers or travelers from all over the country. During the summer months, many people gather at the park, which can sometimes mean the most popular areas would be busier than quieter times of the year. One way to beat any crowds and get a little deeper into nature is to explore Zion’s backcountry. Taking this option does come with a bit more effort in order to get where you are going. There are major benefits to getting out into wilderness of Zion, so learn a few before you go and find out about some of the “must-knows” as well.


Seclusion and a Quiet Space

An obvious draw for exploring the backcountry of Zion is the opportunity to find yourself in a place of solitude at your camp. Taking the journey further into nature at Zion allows you to immerse yourself in nature and stay somewhere that is undisturbed by others – not counting any wildlife you might encounter during your trip. If you aren’t planning to stay overnight in the wilderness of the park, you can still experience absolute serenity hiking through paths and the less-traveled areas of the backcountry.

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Pace & Perspectives

When you are finding your own way and not sticking with a plotted path, exploration can slow your pace a bit more than usual. You might take more time to notice the surroundings during your hike and you might enjoy your journey through the wilderness with less stress. Some of the views and perspectives you can find in Zion’s backcountry make the effort well worth it. You’ll find areas dense with beauty that you would otherwise never come across on a trail or the more popular areas.

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Getting Prepared

As with any trip, planning ahead is the smartest way to ensure you have a satisfying trip or vacation. The first step would be to decide whether you will be backpacking and sleeping in the backcountry for the night or if you are exploring for the day to return to camp in the evening. If you plan on venturing into the wilderness but plan to return to your campsite, make your reservations far enough in advance to ensure you have the space you desire. Call WillowWind RV Park when planning your backpacking trip through the Zion backcountry and stay just a short drive from the park, while enjoying the amenities of home.

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If you are planning to sleep out in nature, you might want to book your stay after you experience overnight in the wild. Making a short trip to WillowWind for a nice hot shower and the ability to clean up and do some laundry might make unpacking a bit easier once you return home. For any overnight trips into nature, make sure you pack all of the essentials needed to ensure you are safe and have all of the necessities to get by while exploring Zion.

The biggest thing (and sometimes the heaviest) to remember and have plenty of, is water. If you aren’t bringing a large container for your drinking water you will need to make sure you have a water purification system to drink safely from nature. There are many different types of filtration systems and purifying additives like chlorine dioxide drops to make things easy, but it is imperative to be confident you have clean water. There are many animals and wildlife, including cattle, which can affect the water and create a less than safe environment for immediate human use and consumption.

Food can be another hurdle to get over, as you need to make sure you have plenty to sustain the exercise of hiking and exploring most of the day, but it also needs to be safe from pests, mice, and birds while you camp. You can opt for something in a sealed container or keep your food items in another heavy-duty container that prevents any critters from burrowing into your things.

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Depending on the time of year, you will need to make sure you have warmth enough to keep you safe from the night’s cold temperatures. Simply adding an emergency blanket below sleeping pad or bag can create a barrier from the ground and can really help keep your body heat within the space.


What to Remember

While you can gain access to Zion and explore the main park, you do actually need to acquire a permit to explore the backcountry. If you’re taking the time to plan ahead for your trip and want to reserve your permits ahead of schedule, visit Zion’s website to make those reservations. You would pick up the permits in person once you arrive for your trip at the park. If you’re really looking to get into nature on the trails-less-traveled, there is an online lottery for permits to two different areas: Mystery Canyon and Subway Canyon. These two destinations require permits, and you would need to enter the lottery for yours three months in advance of your plans, although you might not be the lucky winner to visit those areas of the park, so it is advisable to plan accordingly.

Ready to get your exploration started? Zion’s backcountry is an expanse of natural wonders and beautiful sights to behold for those looking to escape into the quietness of the park. Venture into the wild and experience Zion National Park like you have never seen before, and return to camp at WillowWind RV Park for the most enjoyable experience. Hike into the backcountry and camp out there, return to your vehicle and make the short trip to our RV Park where you can enjoy our laundry facilities, clubhouse with a full kitchen, and relaxing campgrounds.

Make your reservations today – contact us online and check in on availability to be sure we can accommodate your trip. Summertime is a busy season, and we look forward to meeting you and your fellow Zion enthusiasts at WillowWind RV Park!